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MCW Foundation Charity

Welcome to our charity page, the Martin Charles Wyers Foundation. Our charity honours Martin Wyers, the founder of Floorbrite. The charity was created in 2018, to carry on his legacy and to provide the same level of care that Martin once did within the community. The foundation has since helped a number of charities and those in need. Take a look at the organisations we currently support below.

We believe it is only right to support and serve local charities who need our help. Many smaller charities can barely stay above water as they recieve poor funding and very little support, either from big organisations or local councils, these are the charities we aim to help. As part of the MCW charity, we are very proud to say we have contibuted aid, funding, facilities and promotion whenever and wherever possible. We have seen for ourselves the impact of just how much our support has helped others in need. See below the amazing charities we work alongside and follow our updates on Instagram Click Here.


Supporting People In Need (SPIN) are a charity based in Manchester tackling the ongoing issue of homelessness. Initially starting out as a street kitchen back in 2014, Their mission is to help and support vulnerable and socially excluded people living in poverty and rough sleeping on the streets of Manchester. Ran by father and son, John and Tom, John originally would collect food which would otherwise be thrown away by supermarkets and restaurants. Along with his brother he then distributed it to the homeless in Manchester. Gradually the idea of a static street kitchen was born and in 2015, they were offered a project by the pastor of a local dilapidated church in Ardwick. SPIN then regenerated the church to put a roof over the local homeless people while they ate in the cafeteria with proper cutlery and a warm environment. As the kitchen attracted more rough sleepers, SPIN started to focus on providing accommodation and so shifted to improving the shelter to welcome more people in need.

Both father and son take pride in looking after the residents. They give the men jobs to do, so they can contribute to the maintenance of the centre. By doing this, they give the young men purpose to get back on track with their lives. As part of the MCW Foundation we have made regular visits to the hostel and have always been kindly greeted by John, Tom, the staff members, and the residents at SPIN. We have provided for the young men an internet café which we helped to plan and construct. Nina Wyers (Marketing Director at Floorbrite) and Neil Nuttall (IT Manager at Floorbrite) joined the project with Neil supporting the logistics of the installation. We also helped to fund money for dog kennels to built on the SPIN premises, as some of the residents needed an area for their companions to be looked after.

Wythenshawe Development Trust

The Wythenshawe Development Trust (WDT) began in 1972 and is run by Andrew Davis alongside his team of volunteers. With the aim of recycling furniture and household goods, their work assists to support the rehousing of homeless families and the unemployed and low-paid in Manchester and north-east Cheshire.

WDT use their van to run their core recycling scheme. Collecting unwanted furniture and household items from generous members of the public. The goods are then taken to the store at the former scout hut, remaining there until required, before being taken, again by the van, to vulnerable individuals and families who will benefit. The hut is also open on a daily basis for those in need to drop in and collect smaller items from their food bank, such as food, clothing and essentials. Some support comes from organisations such as FairShare and local goverment grants but in the main, donations come from members of the public.

Through supporting the WDT, we have funded a new roof for a separate storage shed, (see photos) urgently needed to keep the furniture dry and clean until rehomed. The Floorbrite HQ also came together to donate as much tinned and packaged food as possible to the hut's food bank. The collection was evenly distributed between WDT and SPIN. Our team created leaflets for the food collection and many staff at Sale HQ spent time in their lunch hours, to hand them out locally. It was a successful campaign and Andrew, along with two volunteers came to pick up the donations (see photos).

Elliot Hanson At The Tokyo Olympics - Floorbrite Sponsor

Olympic GB Sailing Team

We sponsored European champion Elliot Hanson in the British sailing team as he headed to the Olympic games in Tokyo.

Martin Offiah Visit Folly Lane ARLFC For The National Lottery - Floorbrite Sponsor

Folly Lane ARLFC Rugby

We sponsor the Folly Lane under 10's rugby club in Swinton

Floorbrite Mini Racing Car Sponsor

Mini Racing Car

Sponsored the R56 Mini John Cooper for racer Riccy Walker

It means so much to continue Martin's legacy by helping those smaller charities and people really in need in our local community.

Linda Wyers - Floorbrite's Chairman

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