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How we work

The Cleaning industry has seen a major transformation thanks to the latest technological and innovative advancements. From our Eco chemical range to chemical free options, cleaning robotics and geo tracking technology, to industry specific software and management reporting. We’re able to provide data driven cleaning solutions, ensuring our customers are delivered the service they were promised.

Some of the solutions we offer:

  • Eco Chemical range and chemical free options
  • Robotic machinery powered by A.I. with full reporting capabilities
  • Time and attendance system
  • Geo tracking technology and reporting
  • Washroom monitoring and reporting
  • Quality Audits and KPI reports
  • Customers portal
  • National stores control, ordering and delivery


Our commitment to continuous improvement

In March 2024 our Head Transformation joined the senior management team to support and deliver our vision of cutting edge technology being at the forefront of our service delivery, now and into the future.

Monthly audits and reports

Every Floorbrite site has a monthly audit of services completed, ideally with the customer present so that successes and key areas of focus can be discussed. The auditing process then provides a digital report that can be shared with customers in real-time. Using audits and additional innovations in technology helps us to achieve improvements in quality, by increasing productivity.


Geo tracking and reporting

Geo tracking and reporting through service delivery app software simply applies Geo tags to desired locations which are scanned at the point of clean using a mobile phone or handheld device. Our service delivery management software helps to improve performance, mitigate risk and prove service through continuous real-time location-tracking technologies that meet site and service needs. Inspections and quality assurance features help to analyse trends and resolve deficiencies before they become problems and see and share results with teams and customers to improve performance. When the unexpected happens, our workforce can also capture and respond to incidents efficiently, shortening response time.


Washroom monitoring and reporting

Digital reporting via sensors placed in washrooms and washroom dispensers can be really useful. Wireless sensors provide flexibility for usage anywhere and can track trends for the busiest times of the day in specific areas. Over time, the information can be used to predict and plan for when a presence is required in washrooms or dispensers require restocking. For any ad hoc needs, a sensor button can alert a member of the cleaning team that attention is required in that area. Cleaning can be cut by up to 40% just by ensuring the teams are focused in the right areas at the right times.


Robotic Innovation and reporting

Designed for autonomous cleaning, working safely alongside employees and customers, while navigating around obstacles. Robotic machinery powered by advanced artificial intelligence and robotic technology platforms can map and schedule floor areas providing productivity reporting.

As a business we recognise the legal and moral responsibilities we have as an employer to provide a safe working environment for all our employees and those who benefit from our services. At Floorbrite we ensure our health and safety systems and procedures are maintained by our in-house Health & Safety Team who interlink with all parts of the business. In particular, for all clients, we make sure all sites have the following in place:

  • Suitable risks assessments and methods statements are in place for all activities completed on site.
  • Induction procedures for all employees including health & safety and ongoing toolbox talks every month.
  • To ensure that all chemicals used for work activities are suitably assessed and appropriate documentation is available and maintained.
  • To investigate all accidents and incidents and to ensure that appropriate preventative actions are taken.
  • Continuous development of our health & safety management system, to ensure compliance and effectiveness for business needs.
  • To ensure that all appointed subcontractors are formally and thoroughly vetted and are furthermore monitored via departmental systems and procedures.
  • Monitor and review of all systems and procedures to ensure safety and compliance for all staff.

Added value Health and Safety services

Our dedicated Health, Safety & Compliance Director has 25 years’ experience in health and safety and risk management. Qualified to NEBOSH and Cert IOSH level, he has expert knowledge and practical industry experience required to excel in this role. In addition to his expertise, we can also offer a value-added service to existing customers. We can provide health and safety support across a wide range of areas to assist in client compliance, reduction of costs and litigation limitation. These include:

  • Internal health & safety training for client’s staff
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Site audit & inspections
  • Accident management support
  • Identifying areas of non-compliance, potential hazards and appropriate control measures
  • Attendance to or creation of a risk management committee
  • Formulation of reports to assist with the reduction of insurance premium renewals
  • Mentoring, support and guidance
  • Assistance in promoting a positive health and safety culture
  • Supporting and promoting working in partnership